Example Character Creation

Here is an example of character creation.

First I need to roll my stats: 6 Stats 2d6 each

3 8 7 10 3 3

Hmm I can see problems already, alright lets say 9 stats and choose the best 6.

8 7 6

Ah better, 10 8 8 7 7 6 though the 10 is the only one that gives me a bonus. Hopefully, I can boost the 8s to 9s during my career.

I want to be a free trader and possibly a pirate, which means I need Dex and Int.

So I’ll go with

Str 6 Dex 10 End 8 Int 8 Edu 7 Soc 7

Okay now Homeworld and Background Skills

My Edu is 7 so that give me 3 background skills.

I’ll say my home world was Industrial which gives me Trade 0, I’ll select Admin and Computer as my Educational skills.

First Term

Okay now I need to try and qualify to be a free trader. I need an Int roll 4+

Rolled a 9 woot I’m in.

So for Basic Training I get Drive,Vacc Suit, Broker, Steward, Comms, and Persuade

Hmm I suppose I should take a skill but the Stat Increases are too tempting. I’ll take Int +1. That raises it to a 9 and give me a +1 mod.

Okay now I roll to see if I can go on in this career. Dex of 6+

Rolled a 9 with a +1 for my Dex so I succeed!

Now I roll for an Event. I got Life Event. Rolling on the life event table I gain 1 Contact. I’ll decide who that is later.

Now let’s see if I get promoted. Int of 6+ I roll a 7 so I am promoted to trader Rank 1, which gives me Persuade 1 and another skill or stat increase. Hmm I like high stats but the only thing that will give me a benefit at this point is End, so I’ll wait. I take Pilot (starship), seems useful.

Term 2

I want to stay a Free Trader for now. I want to be a well rounded in my ship crew skills so I’ll take Engineer (Drive) 1

Dex 6+ to survive, I get a 7.

My event this time is simply to gain a contact. Now I have 2.

Promotion Int 6+ Woot a 12! I am now Rank 2 Free Trader, no promotion bonus but I do get another skill. I’ll take Sensors 1.

Term 3

I rolled a 12 for my promotion so I must stay in the Merchant Career. Neither Merchant Marine or Broker seem to offer any benefits over Free Trader so I’ll stick with that specialty. I’ll take Comms 1 this time.

To survive I roll a 5 +1 for my Dex is a 6! Whew just barely.

Hmm my events is that my time among spacers has taught me a skill. I’ll take engineer (electronics) 1

For promotion I roll a 8, promoted again! I’m a Rank 3 Free Trader now which give me Jack-of-all-Trades 1 plus another skills, I’ll take Zero-G 1 to round out my spaceship skills.

Term 4

I really need some combat skills but Merchant only give you Melee. I’ll stick with it one more term.

I take Pilot(spacecraft) for my skill.

Survival roll is 12! Well I’m good at being a free trader I guess.

Event is another contact. At least I’m well connected.

Promotion roll is an 8. So I am promoted to Trader Rank 4. I’ll raise my broker to 1.

Term 5

I’d like to move on and be a pirate now but Rank 5 gives you the really good mustering out benefits so I’ll give it one more go.

I take another Level in Pilot.

Survive 9, so I survive again.

Event Hmm another skill picked up hanging out with Spacers. Unfortunately I can’t use it to raise a skill only to take a new one. I’ll take Social Science (Economics)

Promotion 5 + 1 for Int gives a 6! Woot Rank 5 Free Trader. No Bonus for that level but now I get the good muster out benefits. I’ll raise my Broker to 2.

Unfortunately, now at the end of my Fifth term I need to roll for aging penalties. 2d6 – my terms of service (5) = 10 – 5 = No Effect! Whew.

Term 6

Well my plan was to be Pirate if I ever got kicked out of the Free Trader but it seems a shame to leave it now. I’ll just have to pick up some combat skills using connections.

Mechanic seems like a useful skill.

Survive a 3! Ack on my last term I am kicked out. Lets see why. A 4 on the mishap table says my ship was destroyed by criminals. I now have them as an enemy. Bastards.

Now I have to roll for aging again. 7 -6 = 1 Whew No Effect

Finalize Okay now I get my connections skills. I’ll say that one of the other players is a marine who taught me Gun Combat (slug thrower) and Tactics.

I also get 2 skills from one of the skill packages. I’m striking out on my own, hopefully in my own ship so I’ll go with the Traveller package and take Stealth 1 and Gunner (Turret) 1


I get 5 benefit rolls for 5 terms survived as a free trader plus 3 for reaching rank 5. Also I get a + 1 to each roll.

1st Roll: 2 = + 1 Int

2nd Roll: 3 = +1 Edu

3rd Roll: 6 = 5 Ship Shares toward a Free Trader!

4th Roll: 7 = 5 more Ship Shares

5th Roll: 6 = 5 more ship Shares

6th Roll: 7 = 5 More Ship Share

Okay that’s a 20% down payment on a free trader. I think that good, I’ll take the last 2 as money.

a 7 and a 5 gives me 60,000 cash. That should get me started!


Str 6 Dex 10 End 8 Int 10 Edu 8 Soc 7


Trade 0 Admin 0 Computer 0 Drive 0 Vacc Suit 0 Broker 2 Steward 0 Comms 1 Persuade 1 Pilot (spacecraft) 3 Engineering (Drive) 1 Engineering (Electronics) 1 Sensors 1 Jack of all Trades 1 Zero-G 1 Social Science (Economics) 1 Mechanic 1 Gun Combat (slug thrower) 1 Tactics 1 Stealth 1 Gunner (Turret) 1


1 Enemy

3 Contacts

Example Character Creation

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